Sometimes, conducting routine eye examination, we find cataracts. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented. It all depends on the individual. Someone 80 years old looks 60, and someone in the 50 - much older than his years. Just recently I watched 90-year-old grandmother; she has a good vision and cataracts only in its infancy.

Cataract the first symptoms - By initial symptoms primarily include cognitive impairment of - his sharpness. Most people notice that they do not see what you saw earlier, or that objects of visual perception become blurred, as if in a fog. Specific shades appear: for example, white objects are perceived as yellowish. However, we can say that certain symptoms are talking about cataract. But this is dangerous.

One treatment option! Due to the lack of specific symptoms and lack of attention to the problems of relations elderly often have to treat advanced forms of cataract.

Cataract treatment at any stage only operative but it is important to understand that the willingness to treat, the decision about what is worth to perform the surgery - the patient. And this is the key point. When a person already sees nothing - treatment decisions are made quickly. When the vision is not yet strong leads, people are reluctant to seek medical advice. In the West, the situation is different: patients with cataracts at an early stage in a hurry to get rid of the problem and rightly so, because the sooner - the sooner the better treatment without complications. Yes and the operation process easier.


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