Mycologist Beard
The lesion is centered by hair follicular pustule may vegetating and infiltrated plaques occur. The mycosis barbate not interferes with hair growth. Get Answers Here:

Nail head (superficial folliculate) or tarsal (style) ETIOLOGY OF folliculated It is usually the Staphylococcus sp., Coagulate positive. Other agents not bacteria can also cause folliculated.

The man MODE OF TRANSMISSION folliculated rarely transmitted from person to person

INCUBATION PERIOD Variable and undefined typically four to ten days

PERIOD OF TRANSMISSION While there inhabited injury COMPLICATIONS OF folliculated Cellulites, erysipelas, or hypo residual hyper pigmentation in dark-skinned patients

DIAGNOSIS OF folliculated Clinical Frames that do not respond to appropriate treatment should be evaluated with bacterial meningitis.

Folliculated: the picture develops with outbreaks of papules and pustules with follicular and extra follicular location affecting the face, extremities and upper trunk. There are slight purities and after regression hyper chromic spots. The diagnosis is confirmed histological and there is a strong association with AIDS. Pseudo-folliculated barbate and groin: the lesions always appear after shaving and derive interlocking hair. The groin is more common in women, consequent to the habit of epilate up.

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