The Ten tips on how to avoid the Christmas binge eating
Christmas can easily undo year-round efforts to uphold the principles of a healthy diet optimally balanced composition of foods. It's so tempting to stop at least for a few days to watch the amount and caloric value of food on the table, active movement exchanged for lounging on television tales enjoyable festive days mulled wine, punch or eggnog ... Weight Loss Tips

The Ten tips on how to avoid the Christmas binge eating
Confrontation Christmas fun with the scale but this is merciless.
“During the Christmas holidays usually eat more food than we need, without excess calories compensate for movement.

Therefore, there is a rise in weight, which is difficult in the coming months, reduced to its original value, “confirms the clinician Program H Plus Doc. MD. Jan Karat, PhD. and connects several practical advice and recommendations on how to eliminate the risk of overeating Christmas:

First Eat more dishes with small portions.
Second Carp fish is good in comparison with other freshwater fish but relatively calorie. Less fat is perch, trout or pike, moreover, contain more favorable ratio of protein to fat.

Most healthful way to prepare fish is cooking.
Added to the water with root vegetables, spices and a teaspoon of vinegar

Fish in the 10 to 12 minutes on a wire rack placed over boiling water. Thus made food contains more vitamins and fish loses its natural consistency, color and taste.

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