Melon helps to maintain the body in good shape, since it contains a lot of useful trace elements and minerals that prevent breakdown and help to contend with constant bouts of melancholy and apathy.

If you follow the melon diet, you have to give up potatoes, flour products, sugar, sweets. In addition, the melon is not recommended to combine with other foods and drink, as well as cool, as in this case it loses more than half of its beneficial properties. Kyle Leon

How to calm down - Each of us is when emotional balance is disturbed due to various reasons, and the only thing left to us - to pull myself together and calm down. After all, we already decided that tantrums and outbursts of anger or to no good cause, so you should learn to return to myself. If you're still struggling with difficult emotions - that's 5 Ways interesting as calm.

Breathe - Of course, one of the working methods - the breath. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold your little air into you, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. This kind of breathing exercises in just a minute will get you back to normal.

Divert - To divert attention from emotions, you need to translate it into a physical form. But it is important in the wake of mood not to make you harm.

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