An estimated half of all carious lesions in the teeth of first graders was built back in the first three years of life. This was pointed out Prof. Dietmar Oesterreich, Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Dentists, on Friday (13 September) in Berlin back. He expressed himself on the occasion of the Day of Dental Health on 25 September. One reason for the physician sees that children only from the third to fifth year of life have been entitled to three annual checkups. In professional circles, however, there was a broad consensus that dental care should begin in the first year of life. Find More Tips Here

Unlike the number of carious lesions in permanent teeth, the incidence of caries in deciduous teeth has increased in recent years. This early-onset disease also referred to as nipple or teat bottle tooth decay. Without healthy baby teeth a child learns not speak properly, do not put on weight for age and runs the risk of being socially excluded, warned Austria.

There is a supply gap - Only a few parents is clear that dental care is needed even at the youngest. At the age of zero to three years, there is both an information gap as supply. Here, dental damage at this age could be avoided well if parents would systematically informed in good time before the eruption of the first deciduous teeth. It's best to inform yourself during pregnancy.


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