Eat often, but little - Divide the daily intake of food into 5 parts, taking breaks between eating an average of 3:00.

Do not overeat. What is eaten without appetite ceases to be useful.

In any case not to load at night and finally, always remember that food should be fun, but do not become an obsession! Eat to live, not live to eat. Natural Sources

How to help the tired eyes - Red eyes have long been considered a sign of witches and the Germans and the Slavs tell you what to do if you are not having fun on Bald Mountain, and sore eyes seem especially tired framed by dark circles.

How would you treat the 8th of March, with a smile, or skepticism, in any case, that day - an excellent opportunity to update your wardrobe, change to try a new perfume and makeup? But look tired eyes red streaks able to bring all the fancy tricks and efforts to naught.

Dark circles
Struggling with a cause - Good place to start would be to determine the reason for your eyes look like that and start actively fighting with her, and not with the consequences. You need to identify the allergen allergies, chronic sleep deprivation to plan your time so you do want to get some sleep. If you smoke, reduce the number of cigarettes and see if they are the fault was red.

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