Sometimes, conducting routine eye examination, we find cataracts. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented. It all depends on the individual. Someone 80 years old looks 60, and someone in the 50 - much older than his years. Just recently I watched 90-year-old grandmother; she has a good vision and cataracts only in its infancy.

Cataract the first symptoms - By initial symptoms primarily include cognitive impairment of - his sharpness. Most people notice that they do not see what you saw earlier, or that objects of visual perception become blurred, as if in a fog. Specific shades appear: for example, white objects are perceived as yellowish. However, we can say that certain symptoms are talking about cataract. But this is dangerous.

One treatment option! Due to the lack of specific symptoms and lack of attention to the problems of relations elderly often have to treat advanced forms of cataract.

Cataract treatment at any stage only operative but it is important to understand that the willingness to treat, the decision about what is worth to perform the surgery - the patient. And this is the key point. When a person already sees nothing - treatment decisions are made quickly. When the vision is not yet strong leads, people are reluctant to seek medical advice. In the West, the situation is different: patients with cataracts at an early stage in a hurry to get rid of the problem and rightly so, because the sooner - the sooner the better treatment without complications. Yes and the operation process easier.

Melon helps to maintain the body in good shape, since it contains a lot of useful trace elements and minerals that prevent breakdown and help to contend with constant bouts of melancholy and apathy.

If you follow the melon diet, you have to give up potatoes, flour products, sugar, sweets. In addition, the melon is not recommended to combine with other foods and drink, as well as cool, as in this case it loses more than half of its beneficial properties. Kyle Leon

How to calm down - Each of us is when emotional balance is disturbed due to various reasons, and the only thing left to us - to pull myself together and calm down. After all, we already decided that tantrums and outbursts of anger or to no good cause, so you should learn to return to myself. If you're still struggling with difficult emotions - that's 5 Ways interesting as calm.

Breathe - Of course, one of the working methods - the breath. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold your little air into you, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. This kind of breathing exercises in just a minute will get you back to normal.

Divert - To divert attention from emotions, you need to translate it into a physical form. But it is important in the wake of mood not to make you harm.
My estimate is that 80 to 90 percent of osteoporosis patients respond well to this drug, but not everyone. Allen donate and rise donate can cause unpleasant side effects in the esophagus. Someone with inflammation in the esophagus may thus not provide these resources. Some people get esophagus problems as a side effect, you must stop treatment and opt for something else.

In addition, bishops phonates have some rare but serious side effects. One is aseptic bone necrosis, severe wound infection to the jaw. If you are using bishops phonates for a long time, you can also get spontaneous bone fractures in the upper leg. http://reviewlization.com/category/health-issue-guide/grow-height-tips/

Second choice
If for some reason alien donate and rise donates no treatment possibility, doctors often choose from four different drugs. These agents also inhibit bone restoration, but are more expensive and relatively less on the market. The latter is often a disadvantage for doctors. If you write something for ten years, you know exactly what can happen when new resources is less clear.

The four funds are:
Strontium ran elate (daily pill / sachet)
Deon sumac (twice a year as a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection)
Zola donate (once a year intravenously (into a vein) infusion) (a daily pill)

A drug which you need the infusion once a year is all very interesting, but each agent has its downside. As zone donate cannot be used in patients with impaired renal function and leads to den sumac may erysipelas around the ankles. Arlene mimics the hormone estrogen after. This works only in women after menopause.
The Ten tips on how to avoid the Christmas binge eating
Christmas can easily undo year-round efforts to uphold the principles of a healthy diet optimally balanced composition of foods. It's so tempting to stop at least for a few days to watch the amount and caloric value of food on the table, active movement exchanged for lounging on television tales enjoyable festive days mulled wine, punch or eggnog ... Weight Loss Tips

The Ten tips on how to avoid the Christmas binge eating
Confrontation Christmas fun with the scale but this is merciless.
“During the Christmas holidays usually eat more food than we need, without excess calories compensate for movement.

Therefore, there is a rise in weight, which is difficult in the coming months, reduced to its original value, “confirms the clinician Program H Plus Doc. MD. Jan Karat, PhD. and connects several practical advice and recommendations on how to eliminate the risk of overeating Christmas:

First Eat more dishes with small portions.
Second Carp fish is good in comparison with other freshwater fish but relatively calorie. Less fat is perch, trout or pike, moreover, contain more favorable ratio of protein to fat.

Most healthful way to prepare fish is cooking.
Added to the water with root vegetables, spices and a teaspoon of vinegar

Fish in the 10 to 12 minutes on a wire rack placed over boiling water. Thus made food contains more vitamins and fish loses its natural consistency, color and taste.
Eat often, but little - Divide the daily intake of food into 5 parts, taking breaks between eating an average of 3:00.

Do not overeat. What is eaten without appetite ceases to be useful.

In any case not to load at night and finally, always remember that food should be fun, but do not become an obsession! Eat to live, not live to eat. Natural Sources

How to help the tired eyes - Red eyes have long been considered a sign of witches and the Germans and the Slavs tell you what to do if you are not having fun on Bald Mountain, and sore eyes seem especially tired framed by dark circles.

How would you treat the 8th of March, with a smile, or skepticism, in any case, that day - an excellent opportunity to update your wardrobe, change to try a new perfume and makeup? But look tired eyes red streaks able to bring all the fancy tricks and efforts to naught.

Dark circles
Struggling with a cause - Good place to start would be to determine the reason for your eyes look like that and start actively fighting with her, and not with the consequences. You need to identify the allergen allergies, chronic sleep deprivation to plan your time so you do want to get some sleep. If you smoke, reduce the number of cigarettes and see if they are the fault was red.
Vitamin D has been opened in 30 years of the twentieth century. First studies have shown that it plays a critical role in the regulation of bone growth. Then there was a group is selected vitamins D. The most famous of them is D2 and D3, the latter - more important, and D2 - less active, even though they both are close not only on physical and chemical properties, but also by the action of the body. Vitamin D3 is more common in natural sources, in contrast to its counterpart D2, which, for example, only in the liver of tuna.

Where to look for natural vitamin D - Vitamin D is found in many foods. Plant sources of vitamin D - parsley, nettle, alfalfa, horsetail; animal sources - fish oil, egg yolk, butter, eggs, cheese, and dairy products. And, of course, ultraviolet rays, which saturate us through the skin the necessary amount of vitamin D. A Viewpoint on Diet Foods

The value of vitamin D - Want to have strong bones and teeth? Refer to vitamin D, it does in the body one of the most important tasks - provides assimilation of calcium and phosphorus for the formation of bone and teeth Tacna, ie support strength and stability to the skeleton.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a well-known and, unfortunately, quite common diseases - osteoporosis.

Vitamin D is paired with calcium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses between cells of peripheral nerves, brain and spinal cord, allowing doctors believe the combination of these vitamins are the best natural sedative.
Mycologist Beard
The lesion is centered by hair follicular pustule may vegetating and infiltrated plaques occur. The mycosis barbate not interferes with hair growth. Get Answers Here: http://reviewlization.com/category/weight-loss-tips/

Nail head (superficial folliculate) or tarsal (style) ETIOLOGY OF folliculated It is usually the Staphylococcus sp., Coagulate positive. Other agents not bacteria can also cause folliculated.

The man MODE OF TRANSMISSION folliculated rarely transmitted from person to person

INCUBATION PERIOD Variable and undefined typically four to ten days

PERIOD OF TRANSMISSION While there inhabited injury COMPLICATIONS OF folliculated Cellulites, erysipelas, or hypo residual hyper pigmentation in dark-skinned patients

DIAGNOSIS OF folliculated Clinical Frames that do not respond to appropriate treatment should be evaluated with bacterial meningitis.

Folliculated: the picture develops with outbreaks of papules and pustules with follicular and extra follicular location affecting the face, extremities and upper trunk. There are slight purities and after regression hyper chromic spots. The diagnosis is confirmed histological and there is a strong association with AIDS. Pseudo-folliculated barbate and groin: the lesions always appear after shaving and derive interlocking hair. The groin is more common in women, consequent to the habit of epilate up.
However, it is important to recognize the problem. Early The more is there to do, she knows as "experienced practitioner" who long worked in special education.

Along with Carry van Even gives Junker as a project course and especially ensures relaxation, which a child can find in stressful situations. Peace In the last lesson she carries her students, who are close eyes on the ground, in a story by sunny meadows with birds and butterflies. It really helps, says one of the children, if you can call that feeling. Later Find The Advantages: http://reviewlization.com/category/skin-care-tips/acne-tips

Van Even talks to the kids and let them talk. It also helps, said Isle and classmate Mann (12), you know you’re not alone. For Tympanum is a reason kids prefer - to bring a group together - too. Comparable courses on social skills, assertiveness and behavioral regulation

Fear of failure, fear of failure training
This course is based on the principles of cognitive therapy. Children are introduced to the '4 G's ‘: Event, Thought, Feeling, Behavior. Words, the way you think about an event, determine your feelings, then your behavior. If you ' thought ' knows how to make positive you have already won a lot.

Isle has that lesson quite mastered. “I know now that you can make such a shaky than thought’s Mind” that every child should be able to , so you Mann . And what do you have to, if you can not immediately on such a course? 

An estimated half of all carious lesions in the teeth of first graders was built back in the first three years of life. This was pointed out Prof. Dietmar Oesterreich, Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Dentists, on Friday (13 September) in Berlin back. He expressed himself on the occasion of the Day of Dental Health on 25 September. One reason for the physician sees that children only from the third to fifth year of life have been entitled to three annual checkups. In professional circles, however, there was a broad consensus that dental care should begin in the first year of life. Find More Tips Here

Unlike the number of carious lesions in permanent teeth, the incidence of caries in deciduous teeth has increased in recent years. This early-onset disease also referred to as nipple or teat bottle tooth decay. Without healthy baby teeth a child learns not speak properly, do not put on weight for age and runs the risk of being socially excluded, warned Austria.

There is a supply gap - Only a few parents is clear that dental care is needed even at the youngest. At the age of zero to three years, there is both an information gap as supply. Here, dental damage at this age could be avoided well if parents would systematically informed in good time before the eruption of the first deciduous teeth. It's best to inform yourself during pregnancy.

How to keep your cholesterol under control


Decrease / Increase

When you do a cholesterol test, the results give the value of total cholesterol and three fractions: HDL, LDL and VLDL. Many call of HDL "good" cholesterol and

LDL "bad" Read Details: http://reviewlization.com/category/muscle-builiding-guide/

The central mechanism of atherosclerosis is the deposition of cholesterol in arterial walls. In this process, are involved in practically all lipoproteins, including those cited above: HDL, LDL and VLDL.

 In healthy people, this lipoprotein cholesterol distributes and recycle

The deposition of cholesterol in arterial wall involves the LDL and VLDL fractions. Rather, their removal of the arterial wall is performed by HDL.

Our goal at the moment is to help you control cholesterol levels as prevention of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in industrialized societies.

It is vital to characterize two parameters:. Risk factors and limits for the values of cholesterol risk factors How patrimonial inheritance, the genetic material not of impartiality.

I had a sick 64 year old that ate a dozen eggs cooked every day since age 18, and always had total cholesterol below 150. Others cannot even look at a jar of mayonnaise. The genes we inherit from our ancestors brought with them variable risk factors for cardiovascular disease. According to the National Cholesterol Education Program, the main risk factors are in Table 1: